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Pop Quiz: Name the Six Types of K-12 Schools

(NewsUSA) - Six is a memorable number - It's the number of players on a volleyball team, geese a-laying in "The 12 Days of...

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Not All Encryption Is Created Equal

(NewsUSA) - Sponsored News - Despite constant news cycles of rampant data security breaches occurring everywhere from Fortune 500 companies to brand name retailers,...


Sorting Through the Research on Aspirin

(NewsUSA) - Sponsored News - When you think of over-the-counter (OTC) medicines, it would be hard not to think of aspirin: one of the...

Choosing Health Care Benefits – a Chore or a Labor of Love?

(NewsUSA) - If you're like most Americans, you probably view benefits open enrollment as somewhat of a chore. After all, 67 percent of employees...

Before You Marry, Meld and Merge a Perfectly Accessorized Home

(NewsUSA) - Some brides-to-be might find it hard to think beyond the intense planning that a wedding requires. But beyond the pomp and circumstance...

Fast Facts About Excessive Sweating at School

(NewsUSA) - It's back-to-school and sweat's happening.But while it's "normal" to sweat with heat, exertion or anxiety, 4.8 percent of people -- students included...

London Unveils Autumn’s Can’t-Miss Cultural Events

(NewsUSA) - London's Autumn Season remains a highlight of the country's cultural calendar, and this fall is no exception."With a strong dollar making a...


New Books Offer Retirees The Way To Plan For Retirement

(NewsUSA) - Social Security, Medicare and supplemental insurance, long-term care, IRAs, life insurance, post-retirement investments and income taxes can all affect the success of...

A Primer for First-Time Homebuyers

(NewsUSA) - Sponsored by GAF - Finally ready to take the plunge? Join the club.After having waited on the sidelines for what seemed like...

Small Business Checklist for Tax-Time Technology

(NewsUSA) - Anyone who operates a small business, home-based business, or even a home office knows that tax time can be stressful. However, investing...

Iconic US Winemaker Toasts Tradition While Embracing Change

(NewsUSA) - For those who appreciate wine, it is an art unto itself. After all, great wine comes from all over the world. If,...

Florida Invests In Seaports, State Is Key Player in Global Marketplace

(NewsUSA) - Summer may be over, but Florida's economy isn't cooling down. So much so that start-ups and businesses are flocking to the Sunshine...


Foodies Flock to Greater Fort Lauderdale’s Dining Destinations

(NewsUSA) - The Greater Fort Lauderdale, Florida area has become a hotbed of new dining options that embrace traditional favorites and current food trends,...