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The One Super Bowl Fact You Still May Not Know

(NewsUSA) - Yes, there actually is one important fact that didn't get the attention it deserves during Super Bowl LI. Both the New England...

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Protecting Seniors Online from Scams, Hacks and Tax Fraud

(NewsUSA) - The vast majority of seniors today are using the Internet at least once a week to check email, pay bills online and...


Fast Facts About Excessive Sweating at School

(NewsUSA) - It's back-to-school and sweat's happening.But while it's "normal" to sweat with heat, exertion or anxiety, 4.8 percent of people -- students included...

Dare to Pair Pinot and Plover on Vacation

(NewsUSA) - Sponsored News - Wine lover? Nature enthusiast? Both? Argentina and Chile, with unparalleled biodiversity and distinguished wines, are ideal journeys for you!...

Good Health is More Than What You Eat

(NewsUSA) - Behavioral health issues are more common today. According to a study by the American Psychological Association, about 25 percent of all adults...

Note to Brides and Grooms: Don’t Forget to Buy Each Other a Present

(NewsUSA) - If you're reading this story, you're probably one of the approximately 825,000 couples who've just gotten engaged since Thanksgiving and are now...

New Resources Critical for Stroke Recovery

(NewsUSA) - The American Heart Association/American Stroke Association (AHA/ASA), the world's leading voluntary organization dedicated to building healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and...


MovoCash Embraces Culture of Community

(NewsUSA) - These days, it can be hard to find a company that values its people - especially in the financial-tech industry, where employees...

Volunteer Fire Departments Work to Reach Next Generation

(NewsUSA) - Volunteers make up more than two-thirds of the nation's fire service and protect their communities from a wide range of emergencies. Yet...

Which Upgrades Are Worth It to Help You Sell Your House?

(NewsUSA) - Is it finally time to sell your house? That's the question on homeowners' minds as house prices just posted their largest annual...

New Collar Jobs Redefining Labor Day

(NewsUSA) - Labor Day originated as a celebration of American workers, but for many Americans it has become a time for barbeques and sales...

Big Swings in The Market Haven’t Dampened People’s Optimism

(NewsUSA) - Despite the recent wild swings in the stock market, most people predict they'll be better off financially this year.That sense of optimism...


5 Recipes That Will Pack A Punch On Game Day

(NewsUSA)1. Blazin’ Buffalo Potato SkinsIt’s the big-game weekend and you’re hosting. You want something bold, flavorful, and better for you. Get recipe here.2. Nutty...