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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

New App Makes it Easier to Raise Funds for Your School

(NewsUSA) - Gearing up for back-to-school season is no longer just about new backpacks, teacher assignments and school supply lists. For schools, summer is...

Esports Popularity Piques Investor Interest

(NewsUSA) - The Esports and global gaming industry has exploded in recent years as people of all ages turn to video games for entertainment...

Retailers Embrace AI Tech for Improved Customer Experience

(NewsUSA) - Artificial Intelligence is becoming commonplace across major industries and retail is no exception.The retail industry is looking for ways to keep up...

The Smart Home and Our Connected Life

(NewsUSA) - Almost everything today is digitally connected …whether at home or on the go. Connected technology saves you time with everything from smart...

3 Tips (Including Virtual Reality) For Avoiding Home Improvement Blunders

(NewsUSA) - Sponsored by GAF - Want proof of how carefully you need to weigh the alternatives before making upgrades to your home?Look no...

Digital Cash Can Aid Marital Money Management

(NewsUSA) - You may be happy with your honey, but the happiest of couples can argue over money.Financial issues are one of the most...

Ultimate Life Hack for Managing Your Money after the Wedding Day

(NewsUSA) - While your love may know no bounds for your spouse, things can get a little more tricky when talking about finances.Financial issues...

Gini’s “Blockchain with A Soul” Is Saving Capitalism

(NewsUSA) - "Violent revolutions are inevitable when economic and political conditions become intolerable to the masses," says Ferris Eanfar, CEO of the Gini Foundation....

Fix a Leak Week Reminds Us to Evaluate our Home Plumbing

(NewsUSA) - Plumbing leaks are rampant and such a problem that the Enironmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a Fix a Leak Week campaign in...

Digital Frame Brings Families Together

(NewsUSA) - Today's social media platforms allow most people to stay constantly connected to family and friends, but the elderly, military, or loved ones...

The Importance of Protecting Patents

(NewsUSA) - America's economic engine is fueled by innovation. The ideas and inventions that emerge from researchers' labs or the garages of budding entrepreneurs...

Take Control of Your Personal Finances with New Express Bill Pay

(NewsUSA) - We all work hard for our money, which in turn is divided up to pay our bills. That's how it works. But...

Mobile Banking Offers Greater Ease, Better Deals

(NewsUSA) - It seems that almost anything can be done with a click of a mouse or a downloaded app these days -- including...

News Site Rantt Takes The Time to Get It Right

(NewsUSA) - In the age of nonstop news and often limited fact-checking, a new digital news publication, Rantt, is moving in the other direction,...

Look Before You Buy: Virtual Reality Comes to Home Improvement

(NewsUSA) - Sponsored by GAF-You're about to shell out a significant amount of money to upgrade your house, and the choices make your...
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