Key West Scuba Diving Provides You With A Look At A Different World


The best way to really enjoy and appreciate the ocean on a Key West vacation is to dive in and explore the underwater world by finding the right Key West scuba diving adventure for you. By choosing the right scuba tour with knowledgeable and friendly instructors, you’ll have the experience of a lifetime exploring a whole new world.

Experience Nature Taking Over

During a Key West scuba adventure tour, you will usually see how nature can take over the underwater world by claiming the surroundings, no matter whether manmade or not. With tank dives in the morning, most of these tours take you up close to shipwrecks like the Cayman Salvager and Joe’s Tug shipwrecks. Both of these sunken ships have withered and rusted, converting them into a habitat for the coral reef and exotic fish in the shallow waters. While using a tank so you can fully explore the hollowed out hull of these shipwrecks, you’ll enjoy the primitive building and unique architecture of these ships during a Key West scuba adventure.

Diving With Your Family

Many Key West scuba tour companies offer a one tank trip that is ideal for families who do not possess scuba diving certification. Since younger kids do not usually have any certification, a Key West scuba tour for families allows you to go on an adventure without the need for taking a bunch of classes. Since these tours are usually short and involve shallow depths, they are perfect for seeing the natural habitat. Tours involving divers, swimmers, and snorkelers are often a ton of fun as these parties can explore a living coral reef and the surrounding underwater world.

Look For Custom Boats And A Friendly Staff

When choosing the perfect Key West scuba diving adventure for your family, look for companies with a friendly staff and custom diving boats. Spacious boats of around 40′ are fast, reliable, and comfortable. These types of boats are common to the more professional scuba tour companies as they will not only get you to and from the location of your dive, but they provide plenty of room for you to relax with refreshments from your cooler as you take in the nature of the area before and after your dive.

The best Key West scuba diving tour companies provide you with a number of locations to explore that let you get in the water with confidence and without feeling like you’re being rushed or hurried along. The staff and scuba instructors should answer all of your questions and explain what you’ll see on your underwater tour so you’re fully prepared.

By choosing the right Key West scuba diving tour company, you’ll not only enjoy a new adventure, but you’ll also gain a thorough knowledge and understanding for undersea life.

Christine O’Kelly writes for the Key West scuba experts at Key West Dive Center. They provide information and locations for Key West scuba diving and more.