Key West Snorkeling — Exploring The Underwater World


Key West diving and other fun water activities just off shore are the best ways to see and enjoy the secret world of the stunning coral reef. Key West snorkeling combines a mix of activities in some of the most beautiful locations of the world. It’s also an affordable, safe, and thrilling way to spend a family vacation.

Taking A Key West Snorkeling Tour

There are numerous different Key West snorkeling tours for tourists of all ages. Available for just a few hours or for a whole day, some of these tours are offered to small groups in private locations while others involve large groups in some of the area’s most popular spots. They typically include looking at amazing coral reefs, exploring local shipwrecks, and visiting with dolphins.

Key West snorkeling tours are entertaining, even when traveling to and from the destination. For example, some of the tours include a refreshing beverage that allows you to relax and stay cool. You can get in some tanning time by lying out on the deck and enjoying a casual conversation or you can spend some time learning about the animals and plants of the area.

Going On A Key West Diving Tour

People who have gone on a Key West diving tour say it is an incredible experience they won’t ever forget. Some want to go scuba diving, but worry they can’t because they don’t have certification. The good news is the entire family can have fun enjoying this activity even if they haven’t done it before and don’t possess any certifications. A Key West diving adventure begins with practice in a swimming pool before heading out to the exploration location.

Key West excursions in the morning usually involve exploring sunken ships and the coral reef growing around these wrecks. You will see how the ocean has taken over these ships, covering them with plants and animals. Afternoon trips typically include a look at the life the coral reef sustains, offering you a look at how things interact and how they support each other in the ocean.

Experiencing A Key West Boat Tour

Many of the boat tours allow you to experience the area on a sailboat or pontoon boat. To see the depths of the ocean, backcountry tours will take you out in the water in a unique glass bottom boat that provides you with a window to see the underwater world without even having to get in the water. These types of tours also usually involve a look at the biology and history of the area so you can fully appreciate its beauty.

Key West diving tours, Key West snorkeling tours, and glass bottom boat tours provide you with an incredible look at the underwater world. Just choose the depth of your exploration by staying in a glass bottom boat, going just below the surface with Key West snorkeling, or going all the way with a Key West diving adventure. Regardless of which tour is right for you, you’ll have the experience of a lifetime.

Christine O’Kelly writes for the Key West diving experts at Key West Dive Center. They provide information and locations for Key West snorkeling and more.

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